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New Year, New Website, New Blog Entry... Finally!

A New Year often means a new start, so for us, we decided it was time to revamp our website. And hopefully I can also keep my resolution of writing this blog at least once a month! In addition to improving our website for our Innovative Artisans fine pewter and metal art business ( ), we created one for our Twa Dugs Farm website at

In the last two years or so, we have opened several Etsy shops - one for our pewter, one for our farm products and also one for crafts that we named "Kayleigh's Kurios".  We have also increased our varied works with sheet pewter, designing and creating bookmarks, ornaments and hair clips, casting into carved cuttlefish bone to create wall art and jewellery pieces, and instructing workshops where we share our hand tools, pewter and knowledge. A particularly fun workshop we instructed in the Autumn was a fundraiser for a local ponyclub.

In January and February, we are often filling in applications for art and craft shows taking place in the coming year.  So far, we are confirmed to be vendors at a wonderful one day handmade market in the Terwilleger area of Edmonton. - the Hand2Hand Spring market takes place on May 4th, coinciding with Star Wars Day. Time for some new Star Wars inspired metalwork methinks!

But it's time now to hunker down for the night, as it is a little chilly where we live in Alberta, Western Canada, I can hear my furnace and water heater going into overdrive due to the extreme cold weather. One water heater has already packed in. It is currently -36C. Yep, that says 36 degrees C below zero. A little brisk. 

Thank you for stopping by!  Please visit again soon.  


~~in sunny, but chilly, Alberta

"Maui Green Turtle", handcrafted in Canada by Innovative Artisans Fine Pewter

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