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Al Schoepp & Louise McBeath Schoepp
Innovative Artisans Fine Pewter
Biography - January 2019

Together in their home studio workshop in Central Alberta, Western Canada, Al and Louise design and create unique art from pewter, wood, and textiles.

Pewter is a beautiful silvery coloured metal alloy, with the main ingredient being tin. It does not tarnish and can have a lovely shine.


Al is a Canadian pilot with a passion for metal work and Louise is a Scottish nurse with a love of nature and art.


Much of their work is inspired by Alberta, Scotland or a combination of the two, and includes bowls, bookmarks, ornaments, hairclips and most recently they have been creating pewter wall art, carving and casting molten pewter into cuttlefish bone.

Louise and Al first began creating, showing and selling their pewter art several years ago, their debut show being the Reynolds-Alberta Museum Metal Art Show and Sale in September 2013. Since then, their pewter has been accepted into several select Alberta galleries.

“We truly have a creative partnership, as one of us could not do this without the contribution of the other.”

Al and Louise live with their young daughter on their lovely acreage near Warburg, Alberta.

Innovative Artisans

Fine Pewter & Metal Art

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